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Offering access to medical care around the clock to Block Island residents who live year-round on the island is a challenge.

The island normally has two full-time doctors who live there, and staff a local medical center on alternating weeks.

However, one full-time physician has left and the island hasn't found a replacement.

"What we've discovered is that it's challenging to find a doctor who's willing to come to a remote setting, a place that's very quiet most of the year with a very quiet primary care practice, and then, a busy summer with a lot of emergency calls. So far, we haven't found somebody who wants to come here under those circumstances," said Kay Lewis, a member of the Blocks Island Medical Center board.

The island has been able to get a different visiting doctor to come out for a week at a time, but that's only for the summer.

Housing is provided, so the island is hoping a qualified physician will come forward.

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