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Through a very lucky connection of mine, I got a job as a server at Ballards Inn this summer. I'll be working there with my good friend, who like me, has not been to Block Island yet. They will be housing us in their employee housing. Has anyone had any experience with employee housing, or living and working on Block Island in general. I would love to meet some new people who've had or are going to be having the same experiences. Glad I stumbled upon this site!

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Comment by Stephen Dolinich on May 17, 2010 at 9:19am
Hi Anthony-

I'm glad you found my network! There are several member who will be working on Block Island this summer. Start networking with people who have an interest in Block Island. Couple of tips:

First. Bring warm cloths/bedding. It can get cold on Block Island in May/June. Especially at night. I'm not sure about Ballard's housing but many of the places are summer cottages/housing with little or no heat.

Second. Network. Block Island is small so it won't take you long to get to know who everyone is. The night life is great and the island has some of the best beaches in the world!

Third. Bring a bike. The best way to get around is by bike as there is limited parking.

Again, thanks for joining. Please be sure to tell management at Ballard's about this site and The more employers hear from people like you telling them about, the more likely they will post their jobs!

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in person this summer!


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