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Tips for finding a summer job or internship on Block Island

Each year, students from all over the world have fun, interesting and career-related summer jobs and internships on Block Island. The key to their success is preparation and an early start in the job search process.

Here are some tips for finding a summer job, internship, or other employment on Block Island in 2019:

  1. Determine your priorities. Do you want career-related experience? The opportunity to be outside? Funds to support college? Just wanna have fun?
  2. Develop a resume to emphasize your skills and experience. Remember: your resume will not get you the job: it will get you the interview depending on how you develop it. If you need help with your resume, reach out to me.  I can help.
  3. Create a profile on using information from your resume. List the types of Block Island jobs you would be interested in.
  4. Start contacting employers early. Call, write or e-mail to request information regarding internship and summer job opportunities.
  5. Be patient as many Block Island businesses close for the winter. It may take a while for someone business owners and managers to get back to you.
  6. Once you hear back from someone, be prepared for in-person interviews. You may be asked to travel to the island for an interview
  7. Follow-up all interviews. Always send a thank-you letter or e-mail to the interviewer expressing your appreciation for the interview and your enthusiasm for the opportunity. If you were not granted an interview, follow up your application with a phone call, an e-mail, or even a visit. Your interest and enthusiasm will distinguish you from other job seekers.
  8. Got the job? Great! Now you’ll need housing. Register with to network with other Block Island job seekers to find a roommate or to see if anyone knows of a rental.

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