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These are the top ten job categories that job seekers are looking for this week:

1. Martha's Vineyard - Waitress

2. Martha's Vineyard - Nanny

3. Block Island - Prep Cook

4 Block Island - Housekeeping

5. Nantucket - Retail Sales

6. Nantucket - Hotel

7. Martha's Vineyard - Marina

8. Block Island - Bartender

9. Nantucket - Waiter

10. Block Island - Intern

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Comment by Elissa Feinstein on May 7, 2010 at 1:29pm
As a highly experienced ex-publisher, journalist, publicist, public relations and advertising specialist, I also have been trained professional in wine. I have been a true foodie since near birth, have done a lot of catering for clients most often for 75 people or more, home chef with desire to move to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket year round. Would be open to seasonal position to start, whether in a small inn or restaurant, or as caregiver/chef with lodging provided. Currently would need a car (I just sold my BMW) and would be open to any appropriate lodging where I can bring my perfectly trained and lovely Border Collie (see pic). Also open to retail, farming work or making cheese, wine or any food product, assisting authors in research and editing/proofing. Basically open to any ticket to find a new home and follow my passion. I am detail-oriented, grammar obsessed and quite humorous. Great customer and people service in respected professions mentioned. Please know I currently do not have a photo to post, but am a handsome intelligent sort.

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