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Many people stress the importance of networking. Networking is the most effective method of finding a job in today’s market. Networking is enhancing the contacts you already have and working through those contacts to make new contacts. Talk to family, friends, business associates, former coworkers, and others in your personal and professional field. I developed this network to help you get started networking. Reach out to other member who are hoping to work on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. These individuals are an excellent source for leads because they know you and they know potential employers. Most importantly, networking increases the possibility that you will find a job that is a good match between you and a company.

FACT: 70% of all jobs today are obtained through networking.

Networking is a planned process, which includes the following objectives:

  • Letting people know that your are ready for hire
  • Opening channels of communication to increase your knowledge of companies and industries
  • Talking to people to discover unadvertised or "hidden" jobs
  • Impressing people, especially those with the power to hire, who can create a job for you
  • Practicing and improving your interview skills | |

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