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Swipely to Reinvent How People Shop, Share and Save

Right here in Providence, Rhode Island!

Swipely (, an online service that gives users an easy way to turn their purchases into conversations, announced it has completed its Series A round of financing, and a preview version of its service is now available by invitation.

"Our mission is to fundamentally change the way consumers shop and share by adding value to every swipe," said Angus Davis, Founder and CEO of Swipely. "Our service will transform everyday purchases at restaurants, movies or online retailers into conversations with friends, personalized recommendations and opportunities to save money."

On Swipely, every purchase is a "swipe." Users start swiping by following an easy and secure sign-up process to import purchases from their credit or debit card accounts. Users can also import purchases from email for purchases made at any online store.

Users can rate their swipes and add comments or photos. Many swipes are geo-located automatically to specific store locations. Swipely also supports product details by integrating catalogs and menus from more than 250,000 retail and restaurant locations, allowing users to start conversations around specific outfits, meals, songs, movies, gadgets and millions of other products.

Discovering a new restaurant, movie or pair of shoes is easy on Swipely when users follow their friends. Upon seeing a great swipe for a new restaurant, users can click to see it on the map, and add it to their wish list. Discovering music, movies and apps is easy, too -- users can just press play on select swipes to hear a song preview, see a video trailer or browse app screen shots.

You can learn more here

Looking for a job in Rhode Island? Check out Swipely's current job openings here!

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