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RIFF Excited about Block Island Wind Farm Jobs

Charles A. Donadio, Jr., President of the Quonset-based Rhode Island Fast Ferry (RIFF) said he is excited about entering the U.S. offshore wind energy business.

“This pushes my company into a year-round commercial division of a whole new industry that never existed before,” said Donadio, during an interview with The Block Island Times. “That’s what makes it exciting. The potential is unlimited.”

“The whole goal of this is jobs too. Local jobs,” said Donadio. “As fast as the market can develop, I am going to develop. I’m going to try to chase down all of the developments down the east coast. We’re the only company in the United States with the experience for providing this service."

On Donadio’s website for Atlantic Wind Transfers the motto is: “setting the standard in U.S. Offshore Wind Support Services.”

"I saw the industry overseas and it’s amazing. I saw the excitement. No one here knows what's coming," said Donadio. "Once this thing (the B.I. Wind Farm) starts running there will be no looking back.”

You can read the entire article from the Block Island Times clicking here

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