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hey everyone. i'm tryin' to find a job on Nantucket Island. i have family there i would love to spend time with and need a job so i can pay my bills.! i've tried lookin' online but no one has answered me back. i'm willin' to come at the end of may and stay til october.! i can learn anything fairly quick i have two jobs right now. i'm a hard worker and i dont like to slack off.! so please if you can help in any way please contact me and let me kno.! thank you.!

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Comment by Stephen Dolinich on March 4, 2010 at 4:14pm
Hi Elizabeth-
One thing I can't say enough is keep at it. Many job seekers are saying the same thing about island employers, they don't hear back! Keep emailing or calling employers to follow-up on your resume or application. The one reason I think you may not be hearing back from employers is because many employers are closed for the winter and may not be check email or voice mail.

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