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How to succeed in your Block Island interview

Block Island business owners will start recruiting for summer jobs in early 2019. Block Island jobseekers need to remember this: Just because these positions are temporary (Typically from Memorial Day to Labor Day) doesn’t mean the interview will be easy.  Island Hiring managers are as hard on prospective summer employees as they are on those interviewing for permanent roles. To improve your chance of getting hired, prepare answers for these common Block Island summer job questions.

‘This job will only last 12 weeks.  Why are you interested?’

Some Block Island employers will want to know how you feel about working a job you know doesn’t likely have a future beyond their busy season. Expressing your interest in the business, what you have to offer and what you hope to get out of the experience — even if it ends — is your best bet.

 ‘What are your plans once the summer is over?'

Other Block Island business owners may be looking for longer-term or even permanent employees as they’re hiring for the busy season.  Many need employees to commit to Labor Day and some stay open until Columbus Day.

 ‘How flexible is your schedule?’

When Block Island employers ask about your flexibility, they’re interested in any hours you’re willing to work: days, nights, weekends, holidays, etc. During the summer season, they need people they can count on. Be as clear and complete as you can in your answer, and be sure to include any scheduling restrictions.

'What do you know about our Block Island business?'

Don’t skimp on your job-search checklist just because this is a seasonal job.  It’s vital to research the Block Island business before your job interview and be familiar with its products and services. Follow the company on social media, read up on news about it and, of course, mention your experiences with the business.  Chances are you’re interested in working there because of a past experience on the island.

'Where do you see yourself in the future?'

Even though many of the jobs on Block Island are seasonal, the hiring manager may think about where you might fit into the company in the future. They may be looking for employees willing to come back summer after summer.  Let the interviewer know if you are open to multiple seasons on Block Island.

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