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Block Island is like a piece of paradise.If you are going to work there you will make a lot of friends.
It is a small Island and all people know each other.
It is definately for you if you like to ride a bicycle, surfing, roller-skating and etc.
I was once there and I met there many people from different countries.
If you see my brazilian ladies group - Rozangela, Andresa and Rozali say Hi from me:)
You can meet them usually on Wensday at The National Hotel ( Mojito night with live music).There are 2-3 disco bars with pretty cool music.

If you want to work in 2 places you should go in the beginning of May - when the season starts.The weather in July and August is hot enough. You can go to the beach. but the sea is a little cold :)
The Island is for people who like calmness ( except on 4th of July, when there is a big parade and all are so happy and drunk :)
Oh, I forget to tell you, there is a man who runs all the time. He is very talkative if he meets you :) He runs every day .There is no way to miss him.
That's my exerience there. If Obama do the visas to abrogate I will visit it again.

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Comment by Stephen Dolinich on March 3, 2010 at 3:46pm
Thank you for posting this! What a cool picture! What's the weather like in early May? What should people expect?

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