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With one season ending, we are already planning for the 2016 summer season on Block Island.  If you are a college student studying biology, marine biology, conservation/environmental studies or a related field, The Nature Conservancy is looking for a Marine GLOBE (Growing Leaders on Behalf of the Environment) Intern.

The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working to make a positive impact around the world in more than 35 countries, all 50 United States, and your backyard. Founded in 1951, the mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.

The 2016 Block Island GLOBE intern will work with Associate State Director and Block Island Program Director to lead the research work for the marine program on Block Island. This work includes water quality monitoring, juvenile fish survey work, scallop survey, oyster survey, marine invert survey, and much more. The summer intern would get experience working with seasonal assistants, LEAF, TNC staff, and dedicated volunteers for a well-rounded experience. This work rolls up into a better data set for the significance of the Block Island marine environment. The GLOBE intern would also get to work with coastal restoration scientists in mainland Rhode Island once a week to assist with reef building and living shoreline and their associated monitoring. Over the last two years the Block Island marine program has grown leaps and bounds and this GLOBE intern will have the opportunity to take it to the next level which is a huge benefit to our program.

To learn more about this opportunity, visit the "Jobs" tab in the upper left hand corner of the site or click here.

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