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Block Island Police Search for Missing Man

The police are searching for a man from the island who has been missing since Sunday.

Ross Campbell, 48, who lives by himself, was reported missing by his sister, according to New Shoreham Police Chief Vincent Carlone.

Carlone said that Campbell may be disoriented. He said that the police found his car in a remote area where people go hiking known as Rodman's Hollow. The police know that Campbell kept a motorized bicycle in his car, because his car often broke down, and that he must have driven the bicycle, because it was found locked and secured at his mother's house on the island.

A trace of Campbell's cell phone indicates that it stopped working early Monday morning, Carlone said.

Carlone said it is possible Campbell may have left for the mainland. Campbell has several tattoos including the words "back" and "off" on the fingers of the left and right hands. He often wears a black motorcycle jacket with a flag on it and black boots. The police have released a picture of Campbell and ask that anyone who recognizes him to call 401-466-3220.

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Comment by Stephen Dolinich on November 9, 2010 at 8:56am
I'm sorry to report that Ross Campbell, 48, was found deceased Sunday afternoon near Rodman's Hollow, police report. He had been missing since last Sunday after his car was found abandoned in a nearby parking area.

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