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Block Island Organics grew out of our spa, Koru Eco Spa, and a desire to provide safe, effective, and pleasing suncare products.  As an eco-friendly spa located on an island surrounded by beaches we know firsthand the effects of the sun on skin and how hard it is to find a good, safe suncare line that we actually like and use.  So we created our own!  As for our spa, we are proud to say Koru has been around since 2007.

Block Island Organics is a sun-based skin care line inspired by our home in the smallest town in the smallest state, Block Island, Rhode Island.  We have a spa on the island, and being a summer spa surrounded by beaches, the sun and proper sun care is a big concern.  We love the sun, but we don't love the damage the sun takes on our skin. Our spa has been an "Eco Spa" since 2007 (Go Green!!) so we believe in putting cosmetics, creams, lotions and the like on our bodies that contain only stuff that's good for us.  We don't live in a bubble, we're not 100% vegetarian, one of us might even still drive an SUV... but we do believe in living a more chemical free life.

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