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Summer Jobs 2010 Time-saving Tips

Looking for a 2010 summer job on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket? Here are some time-saving tips that will help you find a summer job fast.

Get Help Now. If you are a teen or a college student looking for a summer job, check with your high school Guidance Office or college Career Services Office and ask how they can assist with your summer job search.

Working Papers. In some states, if you are under eighteen, you may need to obtain working papers… Continue

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’Best Job’ winner stung by dangerous jellyfish

ADELAIDE, Australia — Trouble struck paradise this week when a British man who has the "Best Job in the World" as the caretaker of a tropical Australian island was stung by a potentially lethal jellyfish.

Ben Southall — who won a contest to blog for six months about life on Australia’s Hamilton Island to promote tourism — wrote Tuesday that he was lucky to have survived his brush with the extremely venomous Irukandji jellyfish.

Earlier this week, Southall was getting off a… Continue

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Finding the right summer job is a full-time job

The school year is now in full swing, and you are most likely juggling classes, jobs and other school activities and not thinking about your summer job search, summer internships, interviews and resume preparation. In most cases, this is true for students at the beginning of every school year. However, if I was to survey summer job seekers from the following summer, my feeling is they would change one word in this statement. Instead of “thinking” about their summer job preparation activities,… Continue

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Networking tips for finding a job on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket

Networking strategies range from basic to sophisticated. Here are some general ideas on effective networking techniques:

-Initiate contacts for the sole purpose of networking. Do not just wait to bump into people. The best career self-managers always look to expand their contacts.

-Develop a networking list. Make contact with each person on the list. Add names of people you meet or to whom you are referred. Update the list regularly.

-Set networking goals. Write… Continue

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Summer Jobs 2011 - Land that summer job or internship!

Tips for writing a great resume for that summer job in 2010 on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket

Determine your island job search objective prior to writing the resume. Once you have determined an objective you can structure your resume around that objective. Are you looking for a restaurant summer job? Hotel summer job? Do you want a summer internship in 2010? What do you want to do in the summer 2010?

Think of your resume as a marketing tool. Market…


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Summer 2009

It's time to start planning your summer job for 2009. Working on an island is a great way to earn money, have a great time and meet new people. You will make memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to register for "Job Alerts" on, and I will send you emails when new jobs are added to the… Continue

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Check out Matthew Ebel at Ballard's Inn

Got a day off? Looking for a fun afternoon? Check out Matthew Ebel at Ballards Inn! Matthew and Ernie are the Nashville Duo and the two put on a great show! Check them out on Thursday and Friday this week and look for their future schedule in the Block Island Times. You can also buy Matthew's music at… Continue

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Summer Jobs and Summer Fun!

How's everyone's summer going? I'm hoping to hear some stories about work and fun with your island job. Who's first?

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The Block Island Music Festival

The Block Island Music Festival is next week, June 10th - 15th! If you worked on Block Island last year, you know it's something not to miss. First time working on the island? Don't miss this event. Go before work or after work.

The Block Island Music Festival takes place at Captain Nick's Rock n Roll Bar. Each of the festival's six days begins at 5pm outdoors on the Sunshine Stage. Three 45 minute sets performed by solo artists and small acoustic ensembles prove to the the perfect… Continue

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Mojito Night.... only 32 days away.

National Hotel, Block Island, RI.

Started your island summer job search yet? Find a great job on Block Island. Visit today!

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Nantucket Summer Jobs

Start your summer job search today at

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Start Your Good Summer Job Search Today

Summer jobs aren't just for students anymore. Teachers on break, retirees looking for some extra cash, and workers considering a career change are all good examples of people who have visited The Island Job Network this week. All of these people realize the benefits from trying a new job during the summer. Whether for students or established workers, there are always a variety of summer job opportunities on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.

For those interested in working on an… Continue

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Research Your Summer Job

As you have learned in school, doing research on a topic you’re studying can help you gain a more in-depth view of that subject. However,when the subject is as broad as “Where do I want to work this summer and what do I want to do?”, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the number of the potential jobs and companies on Block Island.

There is an excellent way to narrow this subject down; before looking outward, look inward at yourself. By conducting some research on yourself, you can… Continue

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