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Employers: Free Craigslist Job Postings Contain a Hidden Cost

Craigslist has built a reputation as a great resource of free and low-cost classifieds online, especially among island businesses operating with limited budgets on Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket. But as the years pass, it's become clear that relying on Craigslist to fill local job openings may require more time…


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Employers: 20 Ways to Get Job Applicants to Tell You More...

Want to know more about an applicant, but don't know how to ask? Non-specific, open-ended questions encourage prospective employees to speak freely and give you the information you need to make good decisions. Try some of these conversation facilitators:…

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I Need a job on Block Island...

My name is Kelly Schofield, I'm a seventeen (turning 18 on

April 1st) year old senior who is graduating from high school in June.

I live in Cumberland, Rhode Island and this

is sent with my hopes that i will become a part of your employment

community. I am looking for a full time and/or part time job all

throughout this coming summer. I am willing to work any position that

is available at any time. I'm hoping to find a job that allows housing

as well (with… Continue

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I'm trying to find a job!

Hello everyone, my name is Drew and I'm trying to find a job on Nantucket for the upcoming summer 2010. I am currently a college student, and have had experience in the past in the fields of maintenance and human resources/personnel. I am looking for a job preferably during the day, five days a week, but am certainly welcome to all kinds of job opportunities. I'm a quick learner and good with people, and have experience doing both paperwork and physical work, and outside as well as indoor jobs… Continue

Added by Drew Lacaria on March 19, 2010 at 7:39pm — 1 Comment

Employer Misteps

I've heard from a number of frustrated job seekers on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. What are some hiring managers doing wrong?

Here is a quick list of some offenses cited by island job seekers:

  • Not responding to phone calls and resume submissions.
  • Answering cell phones and…

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well i think i might have a job.! the woamn has emailed me back and told me she was gunna be talkin' to my current employers and if she needed me could i start in mid-april.! i'm so excited and i rea…

well i think i might have a job.! the woamn has emailed me back and told me she was gunna be talkin' to my current employers and if she needed me could i start in mid-april.! i'm so excited and i really hope i get the job:) Continue

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The Importance of Networking

Many people stress the importance of networking. Networking is the most effective method of finding a job in today’s market. Networking is enhancing the contacts you already have and working through those contacts to make new contacts. Talk to family, friends, business associates, former coworkers, and others in your personal and professional field. I developed this network to help you get started networking. Reach out to other member who are…

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looking for job for j1 arriving in May!

hey im going doing a j1 in May just wondering if anyone hears of work on martha's vineyard or nantucket or even cape cod area anywhere is good that would be much appreciated...

thanks bro!

Added by Bronagh Magner on March 6, 2010 at 5:30pm — 2 Comments

job looking

hey everyone. i'm tryin' to find a job on Nantucket Island. i have family there i would love to spend time with and need a job so i can pay my bills.! i've tried lookin' online but no one has answered me back. i'm willin' to come at the end of may and stay til october.! i can learn anything fairly quick i have two jobs right now. i'm a hard worker and i dont like to slack off.! so please if you can help in any way please contact me and let me kno.! thank…


Added by Elizabeth Henry on March 4, 2010 at 3:50pm — 1 Comment

Hi everyone!

Block Island is like a piece of paradise.If you are going to work there you will make a lot of friends.

It is a small Island and all people know each other.

It is definately for you if you like to ride a bicycle, surfing, roller-skating and etc.

I was once there and I met there many people from different countries.

If you see my brazilian ladies group - Rozangela, Andresa and Rozali say Hi from me:)

You can meet them usually on Wensday at The National Hotel ( Mojito night…


Added by valya on March 3, 2010 at 3:39pm — 1 Comment

Martha's Vineyard

I am going to spend my summer in Martha's Vineyard, but I still don't have a job. So I will really apreciate your help or tips:) Or just comments on the place, the island and the nature there, I'd like to learn anything I can:)

Added by Milena Tsoncheva on February 23, 2010 at 8:57am — 2 Comments

Developing your island job search strategy

There is no way to predict how effective your island job search will be once you get started. One thing is for certain; it will require focus and a persistent effort on your part. Patience and a positive attitude are very important in keeping the big picture in perspective. Your goal obviously is to obtain a summer job on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket, but the process is quite involved and time consuming. There are many areas to consider when developing your island job search… Continue

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How to write a cover letter for your summer job

A good cover letter sets the stage for the reader to accept your resume as something special and worthwhile to read, and could ultimately land you an interview on Block Island, Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket for the summer.

• Keep your cover letter brief, clear and to the point. Show why they should invite you for an island interview- nothing more. At this point, they’re not interested in anything but your qualifications. So, if it doesn’t relate to the job, don’t put it in your… Continue

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Getting an interview alone is an exercise in persistence and patience

Here are 6 reasons for why you may not be landing an island interview and what you can do to reverse the trend.

Your résumé and cover letter. If your application materials contain typos, grammatical errors and irrelevant or inconsistent information, employers will take notice -- in a bad way. Once you've looked over your résumé and cover letter multiple times, have three people review your résumé and cover letter before you send it.

Your cover letter is… Continue

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Join in and get connected

Opportunities flow from being around like-minded people, and professional associations and communities like this one are where you need to be. They are a great way for uncovering hidden jobs, to further your knowledge of island living and to make new relationships. Take a look at some of your fellow members in this community. Find members from your school or state. Read some of the discussions and blog posts and join in. This type of networking can help you find your summer job or housing on… Continue

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Summer Jobs 2010 Time-saving Tips

Looking for a 2010 summer job on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket? Here are some time-saving tips that will help you find a summer job fast.

Get Help Now. If you are a teen or a college student looking for a summer job, check with your high school Guidance Office or college Career Services Office and ask how they can assist with your summer job search.

Working Papers. In some states, if you are under eighteen, you may need to obtain working papers… Continue

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’Best Job’ winner stung by dangerous jellyfish

ADELAIDE, Australia — Trouble struck paradise this week when a British man who has the "Best Job in the World" as the caretaker of a tropical Australian island was stung by a potentially lethal jellyfish.

Ben Southall — who won a contest to blog for six months about life on Australia’s Hamilton Island to promote tourism — wrote Tuesday that he was lucky to have survived his brush with the extremely venomous Irukandji jellyfish.

Earlier this week, Southall was getting off a… Continue

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Finding the right summer job is a full-time job

The school year is now in full swing, and you are most likely juggling classes, jobs and other school activities and not thinking about your summer job search, summer internships, interviews and resume preparation. In most cases, this is true for students at the beginning of every school year. However, if I was to survey summer job seekers from the following summer, my feeling is they would change one word in this statement. Instead of “thinking” about their summer job preparation activities,… Continue

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Networking tips for finding a job on Block Island, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket

Networking strategies range from basic to sophisticated. Here are some general ideas on effective networking techniques:

-Initiate contacts for the sole purpose of networking. Do not just wait to bump into people. The best career self-managers always look to expand their contacts.

-Develop a networking list. Make contact with each person on the list. Add names of people you meet or to whom you are referred. Update the list regularly.

-Set networking goals. Write… Continue

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