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According to Kara Blood's article in the Block Island Times, there are many smail inconveniences attached to living on and island.  Perhaps one of the most unexpected relates to laundry facilities. 

The Eureka filled the void for years, but according to the owners, that is not the design nor the intent of the facility.  The machines are for workers housed in the facility.  So, that leaves two main options available to island workers, both of which are "wash, dry and fold" services.  Both may have an average cost of twenty dollars a week.

The article goes on to say that one island worker confessed they had taken a job cleaning a house once a week for no money, just for the privilege of being able to do laundry there.

Kara's article brings up an inconvenience that many don't consider when searching for a job on Block Island.  The question is: What are you doing with your laundry this summer?  Are you being creative?

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