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I go to school in Georgia and ever since I moved down here, the school year has ended early, now that I'm in college, the first week in May. And it ends at the end of August.

I am quite concerned that these odd months to have summer will affect my chances of getting my dream job in Nantucket. Does anybody have any experience with this?

Much appreciated

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Most employers would like you to stay until Labor Day however, there are many college students who have to leave at the end of August.
I guess that's not as bad as I imagined, but do employers shy away from these college students?
Some Nantucket business owners will some won' really depends on how many applicants they have for a summer job opening and how qualified they are.
Check with Chip at Cliff Side...he hires Lifeguards for Nantucket. He may be able to tell you more about what they look for.

chip (at)

Tell Chip that Stephen from sent you.
Thank you very much! I just emailed him, and I will let you know about his response.

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